Japanese sharp tool industry

"Nippon Sharps Industry" was born in Seki, Gifu Prefecture, a town that has been producing blades for about a thousand years. Since its founding in 1867, as the city's oldest knife company, it still carries on its heritage of technology and heart. From the production of Japanese knives, through the production of knives and mountaineering knives, as well as the production of wartime saber and aircraft, we now mainly produce razors and beauty products.

He has been involved in manufacturing since the early days of Japanese industrial history, and is familiar with various metal processing techniques such as stamping, polishing, and quenching. Even in this day and age where making precision products is commonplace, the final quality of all products is determined by the handwork of skilled artisans. At the Japanese sharp tool industry, we focus not only on improving the skills of craftsmen, but also on imparting skills. We still inherit the technology passed down from generation to generation, as well as the commitment and culture that Japan has accumulated over the years. Machining that cannot be achieved by machines can be performed accurately.

Dating back to 2002, the Japanese sharp tool industry began to develop scissors that can be used by the disabled. When the nursing care insurance system was launched in Japanese society, nursing care and welfare became the focus. The blade industry, which is looking for a new frontier, has been awarded government subsidies to challenge the creation of human-friendly products in long-term care and welfare. The product to be manufactured was decided to be a "universal design scissors". It was the Japanese sharp tool industry that was asked to cooperate there. The design is designed for disabled people and realizes the combination of leading expert Shunji Arai and leading tableware manufacturer Nippon Sharps Industry.

Scissors designed to be easy to use by anyone using the repulsive force of resin. To avoid fatigue and ease of use, we made nine resins as prototypes. Also, regarding the blade mounting part, it is dangerous if the blade is too sharp, so we designed the blade specification so that it is difficult to get hurt even if you touch it with your fingertips. Regarding the improvement of small parts, we actually let 3 men and 1 woman with cervical vertebra injuries use it for a long time in real life, and the will is referenced. Combined with the development and technical capabilities of Pioneer, we have repeatedly tried and tested many times, and the result is everyone's scissors "mi mi".

The developer said, "What impressed me is that people who can't use ordinary scissors, who have never used scissors open the cup bread with 'mi mi', actually cut the inner bag... I found that not only from the eyes of healthy people , and also change the angle of sight to make things easier and wider to use" Please try "mi mi" that everyone can use.

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