"It's about making things that make people happy and building on that. It's not a company order, and it can't be mass-produced."

3 best friends (engineers, designers, and sculpture students at the University of Fine Arts)

Out of love for equipment manufacturing, DEKU-KOBO was created in 1974.

"I want to make equipment persistently, aiming to create the most direct bond with people through manufacturing."

The vision that the three people uphold led to the manufacture of special equipment for disabled children in the future.


Thinking of being independent but unable to find any job, and living in poverty as a temporary worker,

They were taken good care of by a family of fellow villagers and close personal friends. There is a disabled boy in the family.

The trio were playing with a boy who suffered from hydrocephalus that left his body paralyzed.

A standing aid was hand-built for him, designed to allow him to stand up and play on his own.


The equipment made by the ingenious three people instantly won praise,

He then began to manufacture all kinds of equipment for Taro, such as walkers and bathroom stools.

No matter which one is the same size as the equipment on the market and fits very well,

Taro's family was overjoyed.

At that time, the three people's hearts were strongly impacted and they said: "In this era of material abundance, there are still many people who can't use equipment as they want. It turns out that making equipment can make people smile so happy."

So far, "DEKU-KOBO" and "Manufacturing of Special Equipment for the Disabled" have been created.


The equipment made by the three was well received by parents who traveled to and from the medical institution (where Taro stayed), and DEKU-KOBO received a large number of new orders.

The deeds of the three gradually spread to the entire Japanese society, and partners who agreed with each other began to emerge in an endless stream.

A partner who had studied in the studio soon started a business independently and devoted himself to this business, which eventually expanded to all parts of Japan.

As far as Japan is concerned, DEKU-KOBO is a founding company that manufactures special equipment for the disabled.

In the future, it will continue to serve as the backbone and provide a solid backup for the development of the industry.


Different from the beginning of the establishment, the mass production of equipment has begun, and the proportion of manual manufacturing has been gradually reduced.

But even so, still uphold a passion for equipment manufacturing.

Both "tailored for people".

DEKU-KOBO manufactures equipment with the highest level of excellence and is designed to be tailored to the customer himself.

Hope you can use DEKU-KOBO's original equipment.