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Product features are:

◆The feeling of chopsticks

◆According to the movement of the body

◆Function of function and appearance

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By using a small spoon with a shallow tip, even people who have difficulty opening and closing their mouths can bring food into their mouths cleanly without residue on the spoon, reducing spillage. (Parkinson's Disease)

By using a fork with a small tip, you can now scoop just the right amount of udon and soba so you can easily fit it into your mouth. (Right hemiplegia due to cerebrovascular accident)

With the use of a long-handled spoon and fork, even those who cannot open and close their mouths and cannot reach them can easily scoop food from a bowl. (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

By holding the handle, people with weaker hands can accurately grasp the three sides, making it easier to operate and generate more force. (Parkinson's Disease)

By holding the grip with your thumb, even someone who can only hold the sides can hold it easily, making it easier to apply force. (cervical spinal cord injury C8A)

Even if your hand is deformed and your strength is weak, the curvature of the thin-slab-shaped grip fits your hand and you won't feel much weight. (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

Cervical spinal cord injury patients can now eat without self-help tools by using a handle and hooking a spoon to their fingers. Until then, he used a universal cuff to secure the device and thicken the handle. (7, cervical spinal cord injury C7A 8, cervical spinal cord injury C6BI)