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"Amiche" Accessible Design Knitting Crochet

Product efficacy is:

◆Restart knitting that has been abandoned

◆Prevention of Dementia

◆The meaning and reward of life

Really? Please confirm customer opinions used so far.

【45 years old, lady, right hemiplegia after cerebral hemorrhage, recommended by acquaintances】

I had subarachnoid hemorrhage when I was 35 years old, and I still have right side paralysis, aphasia and other symptoms. Originally I loved crafts and was looking for a crochet hook that I could do with one hand. When I crocheted with Accessible Design for the first time, I felt my right hand that wasn't moving start to move. My right hand doesn't actually move, but I feel it move. So I was hooked.

Now I love crochet every day. I knit 4 to 5 hours a day, but I love knitting, so I feel like time flies. I consider accessible design crochet to be a lifelong friend. You can now knit flowers, scarves, drawstring purses, and more. So, I started to have the hope of "what to knit next, I want to knit this, and I want to knit that too". I want to knit even if I have tendonitis (laughs). Last year, we hosted the long-awaited gallery and held exhibitions and sales of works.

I want to continue knitting big things like sweaters and I want to challenge not only knitting but all kinds of things. I want you to know that some things can be done by doing your best, even if you don't do it well.

【50 years old, lady, right hand prosthesis, recommended by acquaintances】

I can't talk about knitting until I'm sick because I didn't do much knitting before I became disabled. I found on the poster that there was a lovely knitting salon near my house, and a classroom, so I got up the courage to open the door of the owner teacher there. She was a kind and willing to consult with me teacher, through whom I met a crochet knitting for accessible design. You can knit even if you can't use one hand. You may not understand this joy without experiencing it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teacher.

Now, I'm exploring the possibility that I can do other things with my disabled body. I am also grateful for the accessible design crochet knitting that inspired me. This encounter gave me a little more confidence. I learned that if you take action, you will have all kinds of encounters and you will find fun!

I was able to give a little courage back then, so now I can enjoy knitting. All I want to say right now is, "Thank you, Accessible Design Knitting Crochet, for your continued support."