The opportunity for the birth of "Universal Crochet Amiche" was an encounter with a knitting artist. The woman has hemiplegia due to cerebrovascular disease and also has mild cognitive impairment. After being ill, she had to give up the art of weaving, which she once loved, and gradually stopped going out. The family was very worried and contacted Ms. Hirata, the current representative of Amiche. Ms. Hirata is a well-known knitting teacher and has a working experience as a nurse, teaching knitting skills to many sick and disabled people.

Ms. Hirata felt the same joy when the woman picked up the knitting needle again. However, the needles slipped off again and again, and the hands could not control the yarn freely, making it very hard to knit. Seeing her appearance, Ms. Hirata thought, is there a needle that allows people with inflexible fingers to knit easily?

After doing a lot of research, she found that no company seemed to make such needles yet. There are too few customers, please do not move big companies to do it. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult for the benefits to cover the development costs. Ms. Hirata thought, "That's all I can do!" This is what happened in 2012.

However, even if you have the idea of ​​doing it yourself, where should you start, it is really a dilemma for a housewife. However, Ms. Hirata's enthusiasm for this idea has attracted many people who are willing to help. Some people helped apply for subsidies, some factories offered to help with production, and weaving teachers and disabled people also gave feedback on the products. According to the feedback, the trial production has been repeated again and again, and the number of repetitions has been more than 100 times.

After all kinds of difficulties, the current product was finally born. Many people with inflexible fingers use this knitting needle to once again feel the joy of knitting. Listening to their voices, Ms. Hirata expressed her heartfelt emotion: "Watching your own ideas take shape is as happy as seeing your children jumping around." When promoting this product, it was like sending a child to marry. That's the heart of this product.

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