Founded in 1946, Footmark is a company that manufactures baby diaper covers.

After that, we developed the only #1 product by focusing on the stories of families, the words of neighbors, the tweets of customers, and the words of one person. Then, one day, it spread to original products with a "wellness" theme. Today, Footmark is a company that creates new business outside of its main businesses such as "Swimming Products", "Care Products" and "Wellness Underwear".

Footmark products feature products that come in direct contact with the skin and often use elastic materials that are not commonly used. We thoroughly implement quality control and a system that reflects customer feedback to improve safety and security, and to keep our customers comfortable and long-term.

In fact, Footmark was also the first company to coin the term "care (Chinese: nursing)". In 1984, we registered the trademark "Nursing Care", which was a combination of "Kyosuke" and "Nursing" that existed at the time. We have also developed products such as long-lasting diaper covers and long-lasting sheets. We pioneered the future of nursing in Japan and started the industry.

"Table with (a table with an apron)" is an exclusive product of Footmark Co., Ltd. that values ​​one's words and is made with care.

Among the customers receiving long-term care, the predecessor product "Ukiuki Shirt Apron" of "Table with" came into being in response to "I don't like the apron that is too much like nursing" The sound product is also like the disabled". Customers are very satisfied with it There is a collar around the neck, which can be used like it is folded over clothes. Especially there are voices saying that it can be used even in formal occasions.

"Table with" further refines the design and improves functionality. We pay attention to quality, combined with domestic and foreign technologies that Footmark has cultivated so far.

[We hope to provide the most satisfied products for our customers]

This feeling of Footmark is put into "Table with".

Footmark’s work

"Table with" apron enjoy a meal

"Table with" apron enjoy a meal

It's fun to eat and drink at dinner. Conversations with close friends,...