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小福 福祉用具店

"Enjoy dinner" as a well-being item as a gift

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Combined with Footmark's apron "Table with" and chenille handkerchief "Enjeau", it will be delivered in beautiful packaging.

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Handling Precautions

"Table with" apron enjoy a meal

"Table with" is an apron developed by Footmark, which is an excellent product both as a fashion item and as an apron function.

When worn casually, it protects your clothing from spills of food and drinks.

The "Table with" aprons lighten the mood for those in need of caregivers and people with disabilities, making dinner more enjoyable and better.

《Table with》

"We want to create products that delight our customers the most"

The "Table with" apron is specially treated for water repellency, so dirt does not transfer to your clothes. Also, the snaps are easy to fasten. The fact that it doesn't make a lot of noise when fixed is also a good consideration for dinner parties.

At Footmark, we have a well-established quality control system and a system that reflects the voice of our customers, so that we can improve safety and peace of mind, keep our customers’ minds and bodies comfortable, and use them for a long time.

This idea of Footmark is contained in "Table with".


Please bring genuine handkerchiefs with you

A product that can be added as an option is the "Enjeau" chenille handkerchief. The "chenille braid" is woven with a refined technique.

It features an unforgettable comfort once picked up, a texture that adapts to the skin with more use, and a durability that can continue to be used without changing shape even after multiple washes.

From design to weaving, "Enjeau" is made in Japan. Please try genuine quality.

"Enjeau" handkerchief

The theme of the packaging is "kindness"

The theme of the packaging is "kindness", and the welfare equipment is given as a gift. The exterior is natural colored recycled paper, but the sturdy construction protects the gift inside. In addition, the packaging material inside utilizes rush scraps from the process of making tatami. You can enjoy not only the natural color, but also the scent of rush.

Commitment to Packaging
  • "I hope you have a time you can enjoy"

  • "I hope you stay healthy forever"

  • Please give it as a gift to family members who want to have dinner together.