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"Enjoy Knitting" as a welfare item as a gift

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Ball of yarn

Ami-Che 's " Universal Crochet Amiche" , beautiful colored balls of yarn, traditional Japanese color washi tape, and a special knitting pattern from " Hirata Nobuko- sensei " , in a beautiful package. We will provide. You have everything you need to start crocheting.

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Handling Precautions

"Universal Crochet Amiche"

Ami-Che's "Universal Crochet Amiche" is a crochet hook that can be used with or without a disability and won't hurt your hands. For example, it is designed to be used by people with paralyzed, trembling or weakened hands in one hand. The unique flow line aligns the braid with the direction of the hand, so you can use it without straining your wrist. It's the kind of support that gets a lot of people knitting, like a knitting coach.

Also, by wrapping the strap, you can prevent it from falling out of your hands. The strap is soft but doesn't feel tight. The tip of the crochet hook is also designed to change the direction of the crochet hook. It's also detachable, and you can use a special adapter (sold separately) to change the crochet hook depending on the thickness of the yarn.

ball of yarn, washi tape

The yarn for this set is a beautiful ball of yarn with a mild color. The thickness is easy to knit even for the visually impaired, and it matches the 7.5 crochet hooks attached to this crochet hook. Masking tape is useful for creating tension on the yarn, holding balls of yarn from moving, and for temporary fixation. It is a traditional Japanese color and contains two sheets of Japanese paper.

Specially written how to knit

The accompanying How to Knit was written specially for this time by Mr. Nobuko Hirata, the creator of Ami-Che and Knitting Instructor. Mr. Hirata, who has taken many courses for people with disabilities and diseases, should consider content that is easy to knit and enjoyable even for those who are knitting for the first time in a long time or who will be challenged in the future. I did it.

The theme of the packaging is "kindness"

The theme of the packaging is "kindness", and the welfare equipment is given as a gift. The exterior is natural colored recycled paper, but the sturdy construction protects the gift inside. In addition, the packaging material inside utilizes rush scraps from the process of making tatami. You can enjoy not only the natural color, but also the scent of rush.

Commitment to Packaging
  • "I hope you have a time you can enjoy"

  • "I hope you stay healthy forever"

  • This is the perfect gift to encourage those who are weak, shaken, numb or paralyzed.