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Side Sleeper Three Brothers Pillow Holder

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Small size side sleeper for hemiplegic patients. It helps prevent bedsores and keeps the patient in a comfortable lying position.


target person

Those who have difficulty moving around by themselves, those who are worried about pressure ulcers, those who are pregnant with a big belly, those who undergo gastroscopy


Covering: Mesh Fabric (Surface), Vinyl Leather (Side)
Body: Polyurethane


50cm wide x 25cm deep x 8cm high




Japan…About 1 to 2 weeks China…Around 2 to 3 weeks

Handling Precautions

◎ The lid can be put into the net and washed during the hand washing process. The polyurethane body cannot be cleaned.
◎ Do not use as a seat or step stool.
◎Due to the properties of the material, the lid may pilling.
◎ Avoid using and storing in places with direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

◆Maintain a comfortable posture

Using the three brothers on the side can support the body to prevent lying flat, and it will not burden the lower shoulders and legs, and you can easily fall asleep on the side. For hemiplegic patients, it can improve symptoms such as insomnia caused by difficulty in maintaining a sleeping position on the side. And, anyone can easily use it to achieve the same effect, as long as they know how to set it up. Helps reduce the burden on caregivers.

◆Prevention of bedsores

For people who cannot roll over on their own, sleeping on their side puts pressure on the neck, greater trochanter, and lower legs, making bedsores more likely. Using the side sleeping three brothers, "Side Sleeping Pad Jun" can relax the shoulders, straighten the line of the cervical spine, and disperse the body pressure concentrated on the neck and the greater trochanter. In addition, the Leg Pad bears the weight of the upper leg, thus reducing the possibility of pressure ulcers on the lower leg.

◆Prevention of Aspiration Pneumonia

It is well known that patients with hemiplegia due to cerebrovascular disease are at high risk for aspiration pneumonia. In particular, the swallowing reflex cannot be produced during sleep at night, which leads to non-overt aspiration and is prone to pneumonia. An effective position to prevent this from happening is the correct side-lying position (full side-lying position) with the side facing, and this is exactly what can be achieved by using the "waist pad" of the three brothers on the side.