How to use the three brothers on the side

Setting up the Side Sleeping Pad and Pillow Holder

・There is a certain distance between the "side sleeping pad" and the pillow holder. Please adjust it according to the thickness of the user's arm.

・Please attach the Velcro on the pillow holder to the base.

・Place the pillow you normally use on the pillow holder.

Set up "waist pad"

・When lying down, it needs to be placed near the waist, and it is necessary to actually lie down to set it.

・Whether it is placed on the waist, close to the back, completely attached to the body, or placed at a distance, please try to adjust it to the best position for the sleeping person according to your needs.

・When changing diapers, some people use "waist pads" to support their bodies.

Set up "legs"

・There are 3 heights that can be set. Usually used with a combined height of "medium and low". For larger people, please use "Tall and Medium" heights.

・Place it above the knee and ankle. The taller ones are used in the knee position.

※Note: Please do not use "leg pads" as a substitute for supporting your waist or feet.