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小福 福祉用具店

Dried flowers "cut flowers"

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Dried cut flowers. Easy-care dried flowers are the perfect gift for the elderly and disabled. You can choose from two types of flowers and materials. Bouquets can be hung on the wall as they are, or cut into small pieces and placed in vases. You can freely cut the material and place it in a vase or closed tatami container.

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  • ◆Perfect gift

    Dried flowers that don't fade over time and don't require much effort are great gifts. The flowers are so thick that even those with a weaker grip can cut them open, so you can cut and arrange them to your liking.

  • ◆Design of flower shop "GERMER"

    It was designed by "Haruna KUBOTA" who is currently working as a flower artist in Japan after studying in France. It can be easily arranged even for those with weak physical strength, and it is also beautiful as a decoration.