Sakura March

Kirigami / Paper Cut Artist

Graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Keio University

"Sakura Marchi no Kirigami Kiriekko " ( Sakura Marchi no Kirigami Kiriekko ) , which started broadcasting in 2007 , has become popular.

Good at cutting cute patterns such as animals, plants, characters, etc., with a style of feeling seasons and stories, active in books, PR magazines, TV, exhibitions, etc.

He has authored many books such as " Disney Cutout " or "The Complete Set of Cutout 175" (above , Boutique).

this work


◉ Cherry blossom petals


◉ Morning glory (壱)

◉ Morning glory (Bi)

◉ Morning glory leaves


◉ Ginkgo biloba


◉Snow Crystal

Christmas tree

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樱 March’s work