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Collection: "Easy Scooping Cutlery"

◆Easy to scoop

Food can be scooped naturally by pushing the spoon to the edge and lifting the spoon. The container has a wide bottom and just the right weight, so it's stable and easy to scoop with one hand.

◆Not easy to fall

The bottom of the cup is wide and flat. The handle also touches the table. It is a shape that minimizes the possibility of falls.
Especially recommended for those who are concerned about tremors, those whose hands move involuntarily, and those who have knocked over their cups.

◆Easy to hold

Once you have the experience of holding this mug, you will fall in love with its feel. The bottom of the cup is wide and flat, and the handle also touches the table top, minimizing the chance of tipping over.

◆Easy to view

It is easy to check white food such as rice and tofu, and the black tableware can achieve a sharp contrast with the food. It is suitable for people who want to enjoy fashionable food presentation, and people who are not easy to distinguish between light and dark.

◆Arita Porcelain

This is a beautiful piece of Arita ware known as a traditional Japanese kiln. Microwave, oven and dishwasher available.

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