About our commitment to packaging

In our store we use rushes for packaging.

" Why use rushes? "

is often asked. Just from this story ...

Since I started working in assistive devices, I was stunned to see a pile of plastic packaging material.

I feel sorry for the planet and for the kids when I think I should throw it all away.

We are considering giving our products as gifts to older children and also to grandchildren.

I wanted to use a material that was good for the future of the giver and felt kind to the recipient.

When I thought so, I saw the homepage of the tatami shop and contacted him, thinking it might be malfunctioning.

Then, when using to make or replace new tatami, there will be waste. Also, I heard that they should all be thrown away.

I explained my thoughts and made an appointment with the tatami shop. He was willing to give up the leftover rushes there.

The rush was found to have a moderate amount of air in the tube and also had cushioning properties. The cutlery wasn't damaged even when I actually packed and mailed it.

The scent also has a new tatami scent which is a little nostalgic. According to the tatami shop, it has fragrance and can relax.

That's why I choose to rush. Our rushes are 100% domestic and 100% sourced from Kumamoto Prefecture.

By the way, in the medium to long term, I want to make it a gift that doesn't create any waste.

At the moment, I imagine wrapping a furoshiki in a sturdy box like " lasting " in the Edo period.

I want to make everything returnable and reusable.

When I hear the old man's story , I feel that the past is really valuable. I want to recreate that feeling.