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小福 福祉用具店

"Enjoy the Cut" as a well-being item as a gift

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The kirigami designed by the universal design scissors "mimi" of Japanese sharp tool industry and traditional Indo Japanese paper combined with " Sakura Maachi" will be delivered in beautiful packaging. Alternatively, you can choose from a collection of cut flowers designed by GERMER.

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Handling Precautions

Universal design scissors "mimi"

The universal design scissors "mimi" from the Japanese sharp tool industry are a pair of scissors designed by Toshiharu Arai, a leading expert in universal design, that can be used by anyone regardless of grip strength.

The biggest feature is that the scissors can be pushed and cut from above. Therefore, it can be used for people who are weak or unable to perform fine motor movements. In addition, since the handle is not a ring, but an open shape, it can be used even by people with deformed or lost fingers. The handle is thick and grippy, so it's easy to apply force in a stable manner.


One of Japan's leading blade manufacturers

Nippon Sharps Industry is one of Japan's leading blade manufacturers, mainly producing Japanese knives and razors. The scissors made with this technology are made in a form that is safe and have excellent sharpness.

Paper cut designed by "Sakura March"

Washi is the most traditional handmade Japanese paper among Inshu Japanese paper. This is a Japanese paper that reproduces the color of flowers, and is dyed after dyeing. Beautiful gradients and different shades of each sheet make decoupage more enjoyable.

This kirigami line on Japanese paper was designed by kirigami and kirigami artist "Sakura March". Ms. Machi Sakura, who has published several kirigami and kirigami books, designed it specifically for this project. She's designed so you can feel the seasons cutely without the slightest movement.

Sakura March

Dried flowers "cut flowers"

You can also choose cut flowers. Dried flowers that don't fade over time and don't require much effort are great gifts. The flowers are so thick that even those with a weaker grip can cut them open, so you can cut and arrange them to your liking.

It was designed by "GERMER" who is currently working as a flower artist in Japan after studying in France. It can be easily arranged even for those with weak physical strength, and it is also beautiful as a decoration.


The theme of the packaging is "kindness"

The theme of the packaging is "kindness", and the welfare equipment is given as a gift. The exterior is natural-color recycled paper, but the sturdy construction protects the gift inside. In addition, the packaging material inside utilizes rush scraps from the process of making tatami. You can enjoy not only the natural color, but also the scent of rush.

Commitment to Packaging
  • "I hope you have a time you can enjoy"

  • "I hope you stay healthy forever"

  • This is the perfect gift to encourage those who are weak, shaken, numb or paralyzed.