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"Table with" pleated

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Apron made of thin and elegant fabric with pleats.
The lightweight design blends into your clothes like a fashion piece.

Special treatment prevents stains from penetrating and protects your clothes from food stains.
The design is easy to match with your kimono.

target person

◎ People who are worried about food spillage.
◎ Those who do not want to soil their precious clothes.
◎ Those who want to cherish the atmosphere of dinner and banquets.
◎ People who want to enjoy fashion.


100% polyester


Approx. length 145cm x width 20cm




Japan…About 1 to 2 weeks China…Around 2 to 3 weeks

Handling Precautions

◎ To prevent color transfer and fading, please wash separately from other clothes.
◎Please avoid prolonged soaking.
◎ Do not use detergents containing chlorine bleach or detergents containing fluorescent agents.
◎ After washing, do not put it in a wet state.
◎ Dehydration should be completed in a short time. Long-term dehydration can lead to wrinkles.
◎ Please adjust the shape and dry in the shade.
◎ Please wash as soon as possible after use to keep it clean.
◎Do not press this product on wet stains, as the pressure may cause moisture to seep into the product.

  • ◆ Perfect for fashion

    Elegant pleats, lightweight materials blend perfectly with clothes. You can choose your favorite color from 6 colors. By wrapping it around your neck, you can arrange it according to your mood, such as covering your neck.

  • ◆Excellent apron

    It's specially treated for water repellency, so dirt doesn't transfer to your clothes. Also, the snaps are easy to fasten. It doesn't make a lot of noise when fixed, which is also a good consideration when dining out.

  • ◆ Easy to carry and clean

    It's small and portable, so you can quickly put it in your travel bag or pouch and take it out right away. Minor food spills can be scrubbed by hand. If you use a net, you can also use a washing machine.