How to use the Norbit system

Place the seat cushion

・Just put it on the seat of the wheelchair.

・ Please do not mistake the front side and the rear side. The side with the "Deku Kobo" label is the rear side.

・ When using it for people with longer thighs, place it in the front. It can be extended forward to leave the thickness of the back cushion for adjustment.

Placing the Back Cushion


(1) (When using kyphosis) Decide whether to put in the wedge pad.

Please open the zipper behind the back cushion.

There is a wedge pad inside.
Please experience the feeling of the wedge pad before and after it is put in, and then decide whether to use the wedge pad.
When placing the wedge pads, do not go in the wrong direction.

Make sure that the bottom edge (thick edge) of the triangle is on the underside when placing it.

← The kyphosis pad viewed from the side

The shape varies depending on the presence or absence of wedge pads.

Left picture...before putting in / before putting in...not putting in

(2) Determine the height

・Pass the rope of the back cushion through the left and right armrests of the wheelchair.

・Sit down and decide the height that best fits your pelvis.

・ Secure with rope fasteners.

Place the torso pad

・Adjust the height.
・Attach the Velcro of the torso pad to the back cushion to fix it.
※When using, please remove the sticker attached to the Velcro. (It is a sticker for protection against damage to other fabrics.)

Placing a pelvic pad

・Place the pelvic pad on the opposite side of the torso pad.

  • 1. Check the seat cushion is best to have a gap (about 2 fingers) behind the knees.

    If the gap is too large, the position is too far back. The seat cushion needs to be adjusted forward.
    If there is no gap, the position is too forward. The seat cushion needs to be adjusted backwards.
    However, if it is not possible to push the seat back further, place a flat cushion between the back of the wheelchair and the back cushion
    (or bath towel, etc.) to adjust. Adjust the position of the seat cushion to the best position.

  • 2. Check the seat height...a little pressure on the front of the thigh is best.

    If there is a lot of pressure on the front of the thighs (thighs sinking into the seat), the pedals are too low.
    If the front of the thigh is lifted off the seat cushion, the footrest is too high.
    The seat height is adjusted by adjusting the footrest height.

  • 3. Check the back cushion

    Insert the index finger and middle finger into the position of arrow 3, and the position where the first joint can move slightly to the left and right is the best position.

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