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easy scooping utensils

Product features are:

◆Easy to scoop ◆Easy to view

◆Easy to hold ◆Arita Porcelain

Really? Please confirm customer opinions used so far.

【70 years old and above, women, after cerebral hemorrhage, plate・bowl・cup, recommended by acquaintances]

My mother is disabled and my father is old. For the two of us, the tableware is easy to scoop, easy to hold, and a sense of stability is a must-have for having a good time every day and being proud of it. I am so grateful that I can enjoy this meal with other family members without any discomfort. From now on, I want to buy more for other families little by little. When I was studying on the computer, I spilled the coffee and made a fuss, and the grandkids occasionally borrowed cups from their grandparents. Thank you for providing "Easy Scooping Cutlery" for your family.

【70 years old and above, male, after anterior cervical spine injury, seen in nursing home】

The father saw the newly introduced tableware in the nursing home where he was in debt, "love at first sight" and bought it home. My father is very happy with this vessel, it is easy to use and the shape and pattern are great. thank you very much.

【70 years old and above, male, left hemiplegia, cup・round bowl, seen on TV】

The left-side paralyzed father was looking for a stable cup with four fingers on the handle in addition to his thumb, which he found on TV and bought. He regularly knocks or smashes common cutlery, but he is very pleased with the ease of use of this mug.

【85 years old, lady, Parkinson's disease, cup・round bowl, seen on TV】

After the inconvenience, I chatted at every meal and said Mom: "You can still bring it to your mouth, it's better than being bedridden for others to eat, right?" Since "Easy Scooping Cutlery" came to my house , my mother can drink a large cup of coffee in her right hand without leaving a grain of rice to scoop. I am very excited. I took up the pen to convey my emotional feelings to the many people involved with this tableware. I really appreciate you. I will tell about this cutlery broadly.

【84 years old, lady, cup・round bowl, read in newspaper】

In the shadow of my two years as a ronin, my mother supported my son, who was finally able to become a college student this year. My son said "I want to give something as a gift" so he decided to send this cutlery I happened to find. Now my mom is 84 years old and she happily drinks milk from a cup for breakfast and a round bowl for lunch and evening. This cup seems to be able to hold water. thank you very much.

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